Anonymous asked:

When did you start listening to cudi? Have you ever met him. Tell us your experience! (:

Oh good question ha, Well I started listening to Kid Cudi back in like late 08’ early 09’. I was kicking it on MySpace/transferring info to Facebook when a buddy of mine sent me a link of some kid sampling my song “My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me,” by Geto Boys. So immediately I checked it out but when i heard it, it was so speed up and distorted, i didnt even recognize it. But what i was listening to actually sounded pretty good. So good i had forgotten what i was initially doing. Day N’ Nite had me hooked. do do do do do do WHAT WHAT. Yea that right there was it for me. So I downloaded A Kid Named Cudi immediately. Down N’ Out. The Prayer. Embrace The Martian. My heart was racing at this point. I had to hit pause. No one has ever been so honest and direct on a record before. Hip hop is all about metaphors and subliminal messages. But this kid was rapping like he was just having a deep conversation with you. I felt like we were just hanging out; talking about life, the future, dealing with the past, and really relating to each other. I didnt smoke then, but i could swear i was high. 

What made me really like him so quick tho was Kanye West. After I listened to Cudi’s mixtape, I did a little research to figure out who he was. Kanye had just released 808’s & Heartbreaks not even a month ago. Any hip hop fan will tell you that album was a game-changer. Because what followed is what has been successful in hip hop since he dropped it and paved the way for so many artists. Including Princess Drake. But what I found out was that Kid Cudi was Kanye’s biggest inspiration for 808’s & Heartbreaks and he helped craft majority of those songs. Kinda explains how Kanye was able to whip it up in 3 weeks, i think. So being a huge Kanye West fan and him supporting this Kid in such a way, really solidified my likeness for Cudi, before he achieved fame. Which didn’t take long.  

And as for why I’m still a fan? Well i think you all know the answer to that. There’s just something about Kid Cudi and his music. He can really make you empathize with him in a way that makes you reflect on your own life and soul. It’s less of a message and more of an internal reminder. It’s you. He’s not telling you some story, he’s not showing you what he has or throwing it in anyone’s face. He’s reading something you had a hard time forming into words, with beautiful ethereal sounds and hums.  

Oh, and unfortunately i havent met him. but im sure it’ll happen one day!

Until then, SUBMIT your first time Cudi experiences!